Dairy Applications – Enhancing Texture and Functionality

Conquer the obstacles related to traditional and plant-based dairy products.

Consumers today are looking for dairy and plant-based dairy products that are made with clean label ingredients, reduced sugar options and more. However, creating these products can be challenging.

At Angel, we provide rich consumer insights and technical expertise to help you overcome these challenges and create the dairy and plant-based products that your consumers truly want.

With our innovative ingredients you can
Add appeal to your products
Achieve the perfect textures and tastes for your plant-based dairy alternatives
Reduce sugar without compromising taste

Stabilize and perfect the mouthfeel of your flavored milks.

Why Choose Angel Starch for Your Dairy Needs?

Uncompromising Quality:

Our dairy solutions are the result of rigorous research and development, ensuring unparalleled quality in every batch. Experience consistent performance and impressive results that meet the highest standards of excellence.

Versatile Applications:

Whether you’re crafting creamy desserts, delectable yogurts, or innovative dairy-based beverages, our products offer versatile applications that adapt to a wide range of culinary delights.

Texture Mastery:

Achieve the perfect texture in your dairy products with Angel Starch’s expertise. Our solutions are tailored to enhance creaminess, viscosity, and overall mouthfeel, creating a delightful sensory experience.

Enhanced Stability:

Keep your dairy creations at their best for longer. Our solutions contribute to improved shelf life and stability, maintaining the freshness and quality of your products over time.

Tailored Innovations:

We understand that every culinary creation is unique. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to develop custom solutions that align with your specific dairy product goals.

Explore Our Dairy Solutions

Creaminess Amplified:

Elevate the creaminess of your dairy desserts and treats. Our solutions are designed to enhance the luxurious, smooth texture that makes your creations irresistible.

Yogurt Excellence:

Craft yogurt with a perfect balance of consistency and flavor. Our dairy solutions contribute to the ideal viscosity and mouthfeel that yogurt enthusiasts crave.

Beverage Brilliance:

Innovate your dairy-based beverages with enhanced stability and sensory appeal. Our products help maintain the desired texture and visual appeal in your drink creations.

Extended Shelf Life:

Ensure your dairy products stay fresh and delicious for longer periods. Our solutions create a protective barrier that extends shelf life while preserving the sensory attributes.

Experience the Angel Starch Difference:

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Angel Starch is your trusted partner in dairy solutions. Our products are crafted to empower chefs, bakers, and food manufacturers to create dairy delicacies that leave a lasting impression.

Discover how our expertise can speed up
the expansion of your product portfolio.

Leverage Angel’s expertise to innovate in various cheese-related applications such as cheese slices, pizza cheese, and plant-based cheeses…

Yogurt and cultured products

Angel can help you develop yogurt products that meet consumer demands for desirable textures, clean labels, and improved nutrition.

Ice cream and frozen desserts

Leverage Angel’s expertise to develop frozen treats and ice creams that are both indulgent and better-for-you.


What are some common dairy applications in the food industry?

Dairy applications in the food industry are diverse and include products such as cheese, yogurt, milkshakes, butter, ice cream, and more.

Are there solutions available for creating plant-based dairy alternatives?

Yes, there are solutions available for creating plant-based dairy alternatives. With advancements in food technology, ingredients such as plant-based proteins, emulsifiers and more.

What factors contribute to the quality of dairy products?

The quality of dairy products depends on various factors including the freshness and quality of the raw milk, the hygiene and efficiency of processing methods, the formulation of ingredients, storage conditions, and adherence to regulatory standards.

What dairy applications does Angel Starch cater to?

Angel Starch provides solutions for various dairy applications. We offer ingredients that enhance the texture, stability, and functionality of dairy products such as curd, cheese analogues, yoghurt, paneer, milkshake mixes, and more.

How can Angel Starch help in creating dairy alternatives?

Angel Starch specializes in developing plant-based dairy alternatives. With their expertise in functional food ingredients, they offer customized solutions to create plant-based alternatives to traditional dairy products, meeting the demands of consumers looking for non-dairy options.