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If you're trying to achieve the ideal texture for breaded chicken, fish or vegetables, or developing a gluten-free and non-GMO version of a wheat-flour-based coating system, it can be challenging to find the right combination of ingredients. However, the perfect balance of ingredients is essential for delivering the desired texture, flavor, and appearance. Our range of starches, hydrocolloids, dextrins, pulse proteins, and flours, along with our expertise in applications, can help you create the best system for your product. So, take advantage of our comprehensive ingredient solutions to meet your development goals and satisfy your consumers' needs.

Why choose Angel Strach ?

Our high-quality product has undergone the result of extensive research and development, ensuring consistent performance and impressive results every time. Read on to learn more about the advantages of incorporating our modified maize starch into your culinary needs

  1. Superior Texture Enhancement:

Our modified maize starch is designed to provide excellent texture enhancement in batters and breadings. With its unique properties, it creates a light, crispy coating that perfectly adheres to various food items such as chicken, fish, vegetables, and more. Enjoy a delightful crunch with every bite, making your dishes truly memorable.

  1. Enhanced Moisture Retention:

By incorporating our modified maize starch into your batters and breadings, you can improve moisture retention in your fried or baked goods. This helps prevent dryness and maintains the juiciness of the interior while creating a captivating exterior texture. Say goodbye to disappointing dry coatings and hello to perfectly balanced flavours.

  1. Improved Shelf Life:

With our modified maize starch, you can extend the shelf life of your coated products without compromising on quality. Its excellent moisture barrier properties help to preserve freshness, ensuring that your food remains deliciously crispy for longer periods. This feature is particularly beneficial for foodservice establishments and manufacturers looking to optimise their production processes.

  1. Versatile Applications:

Our modified maize starch offers versatility in its applications. It can be easily incorporated into a wide range of batters and breadings for various food items such as nuggets, cutlets, tempura, onion rings, and more. Whether you’re operating a restaurant, a catering service, or a food processing facility, our modified maize starch will meet your needs and elevate the quality of your offerings.

  1. Consistent Performance:

At Angel Starch, we strive for excellence in every batch of our modified maize starch. Our product undergoes stringent quality control measures to ensure consistent performance, allowing you to achieve reliable results in your culinary creations. Count on us to deliver a reliable ingredient that consistently meets your expectations.

Angel batter Solution

FlaMas TS

E1422 – Acetylated Distarch Adipate Tapioca Starch

FlaMas Ms

E1422 – Acetylated Distract Adipate maize Starch

Angel RS 3700 TS

E1413 – Modified Starch E 1413 Phosphated distarch phosphate Tapioca Starch

Angel RS 3700 – PS

E 1413 Phosphated distract phosphate potato starch

StaThick PS CWS

Modified Clean Label Potato Starch


E1412 Distarch Phosphate Tapioca Starch- Resistant Starch


E1412 Distarch Phosphate Maize Starch- Resistant Starch


Modified Starch for Coating and Crispness


Physically Modified Starch Product for Extruded and Oil Fried Products


E 1400 for Emulsifier, Stabiliser, Binder and Thickener

Native Starch

Corn Flour

Win in your market with our
in-demand ingredient portfolio 
  • Achieve solids suspension in batters.
  • Attain the perfect texture in gluten-free products.
  • Get the desired crispness and film-forming properties, whether light and crisp or dense and crunchy.
  • Form clear coatings that don’t stick unnecessarily.
  • Ensure excellent adhesion capabilities to retain batter and breading on meat and fish.


What is the unique advantage of using modified maize starch in culinary applications?

Our modified maize starch is specially crafted to enhance texture and crispiness in batters and breadings. This results in a light, crunchy coating that adheres perfectly to a variety of foods like chicken, fish, and vegetables, creating a memorable dining experience.

How does modified maize starch improve moisture retention in fried or baked goods?

Incorporating our modified maize starch into your recipes improves moisture retention, preventing dryness in your dishes. This dual-action feature maintains interior juiciness while ensuring an appealing exterior texture, elevating the overall flavour profile.

Can modified maize starch extend the shelf life of coated products?

Absolutely. Our modified maize starch acts as a moisture barrier, preserving freshness and extending the shelf life of coated products. This is particularly advantageous for foodservice establishments and manufacturers seeking longer-lasting, crispy results.

In what culinary applications can I use modified maize starch?

Our versatile modified maize starch finds its place in various applications, including nuggets, cutlets, tempura, onion rings, and more. Ideal for restaurants, catering services, and food processing facilities, it enhances the quality of offerings across the board.

How does modified maize starch contribute to texture enhancement?

Our modified maize starch is formulated to create a superior texture in batters and breadings. Its unique properties result in a light and crispy coating that adheres perfectly to various foods, delivering an enjoyable crunch in every bite.