Textile Softener

The softener starch helps to soften the fabric. It contains lubricants, emulsifiers and other agents which make the fabric smooth textured. We are a well-regarded supplier of Sizing Softener. Supported by our extensive industry expertise in processing and exporting an extensive range of Starch products, our softener boasts superior emulsifying capacity compared to other starches. Additionally, it exhibits exceptional compatibility with both starch and synthetic binders.


This is an excellent softener which contains lubricants, emulsifiers and plasticizing agent. The TexSoft™ we export reduces the mechanical friction between yarns while sizing and weaving. It is compatible with starch, modified starches, PVA and synthetic binders.

FibreSoftTM 12

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity           50 Kg   
Usage/Application  Textile Softner  
Grade Standard  Technical Grade  
Brand      Angel 
Packaging Size      50kg   
Packaging Type     Bag   
Color      White
pH Value  5-7   
Application  Textile Industry 
Physical State    Powder 
Usage      Industrial 


What is the role of fabric softeners offered by AngelStarch?

AngelStarch fabric softeners are designed to enhance fabric texture, imparting a smooth and soft feel. They contain lubricants, emulsifiers, and other agents that contribute to fabric softening.

What is TMTexSoft, and how does it benefit fabrics?

TMTexSoft is a high-quality fabric softener provided by AngelStarch. It comprises lubricants, emulsifiers, and plasticizing agents. This softener effectively reduces mechanical friction between yarns during sizing and weaving processes. It’s compatible with starch, modified starches, PVA, and synthetic binders.

Are these fabric softeners suitable for different types of fabrics?

Yes, AngelStarch fabric softeners are designed to be versatile and can be used on various types of fabrics. Whether you’re working with natural or synthetic materials, our softeners are formulated to enhance texture and provide a smooth feel.