Modified Starch

Modified Starch Manufacturers and Exporters in India

Modified starch is chemically altered starch. It does not contain any contaminants. It is ideal to be used on fabrics like cotton, acrylic and polyester. It reduces breakage of the fibre and reduces wastage. Our chemically altered starch is designed to optimise fabric quality, especially on materials like cotton, acrylic, and polyester. With its unique composition, it actively minimises fibre breakage and reduces wastage, making it a vital component for textile production.We are the one of the leading modified Modified Starch manufacturers in India


EnzoPlastR , an etherified starch we supply which comes with low viscosity which is suitable for cotton, viscose, acrylic and blends with polyester and other warp yarn sizing. Its excellent penetrating & film forming property plays an important role in the protection of yarn, it gives highest weaving efficiency on all types of shuttle less loom.


This low viscosity modified starch comes with extra binding and film forming property. The EnzoPlast R EB we supply is used for natural and synthetic fabrics. It is suitable for shuttleless looms. It is a good wrap break reducer.

EnzoPlastTM F

The EnzoPlast R F we manufacture provides uniform viscosity of whole size mix during sizing and also ensures free leasing in leasing zone. There are more suitable to shuttle less looms as well as power looms to increase the yarn quality and weaving efficiency.

EnzoPlastTM FLV

EnzoPlast R FLV is an esterified starch which is suitable for both power looms and shuttle looms. This starch increases yarn quality and yarn efficiency. It also reduces abrasion of yarn with reed while weaving. It improves the yarn softness and it helps to increase the life of reed.


What are the two types of modified starch?

 Modified starch can be broadly categorized into physically modified starch and chemically modified starch. Physically modified starch undergoes physical changes like granule size alteration, while chemically modified starch involves chemical reactions to alter its properties.

What is in modified starch?

Modified starch is starch that has undergone chemical or physical alterations to enhance its properties. It does not contain any contaminants and is commonly used in textiles, food, and other industries to achieve specific functionalities.

What are the properties of modified starch offered by AngelStarch?

 AngelStarch’s modified starch offerings, including EnzoPlast series, exhibit exceptional properties such as low viscosity, excellent penetrating and film-forming attributes. These properties contribute to yarn protection, weaving efficiency, and fabric quality enhancement.

Who is the manufacturer of modified starch in India?

 AngelStarch is a leading manufacturer of modified starch in India. With a commitment to innovation and quality, AngelStarch offers a range of modified starch solutions that cater to various industries including textiles, ensuring enhanced fabric performance.