Plant Based Meat Alternatives

Providing consumers with the protein they crave, in the taste and texture they desire

Consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable and nutritious meat alternatives made from plant-based proteins. However, creating convincing textures and tastes in these products can be challenging. Angel can help by combining expertise in applications and plant-based proteins, offering a range of texture solutions and a portfolio of products. This can help accelerate the product development process and meet the demands of consumers. Our resources, including pilot plants, can help with challenges such as nutrition, texture, binding, shelf life, and flavor and color.

Angel helps you with 
Achieve a meat-like texture with the perfect amount of bite by utilizing our food system solutions.
Boost the nutritional value of your products with our plant-based proteins, fiber, and micronutrients.
Ensure the highest quality, processing efficiency, and shelf life of your products with our expertise.
Enhance the flavor, color, and texture of your products by incorporating our fruit and vegetable concentrates.
Know how we accelerate your growth 

Plant based patties

Plant based hotdogs

Plant based seafood

Plant-based shredded chick‘n

Plant-based sausage crumbles