Oil Drilling Starch

Oil drilling starch we export provides stability and filtration control is all types of water based fluid drilling systems. It is a non-ionic natural polymer and is highly effective in all waters including high salinity and hard brines.

Premium Solution for Fluid Drilling Systems

Our Oil drilling starch we Manufacture and export is a non-ionic natural polymer, making it highly effective in all water conditions, including high salinity and hard brines. Whether you operate in freshwater or challenging environments, our oil drilling starch consistently delivers outstanding results, enhancing drilling performance and wellbore integrity.

Benefits of Using Our Oil Drilling Starch

Enhanced Stability: Experience stable drilling fluid, reducing the risk of accidents and improving drilling efficiency.

Effective Filtration Control: Our starch aids in controlling fluid filtration, preventing formation damage and maximising drilling success.

Environmentally Friendly: Derived from natural sources, our starch is eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

High Versatility: Suitable for various drilling applications, including onshore and offshore projects.

Expert Support: Rely on our professional team for technical assistance and support to optimise starch usage for your specific drilling needs.


How does oil drilling starch contribute to the stability of drilling fluid?

Oil drilling starch helps form a stable drilling fluid that prevents well collapse and maintains borehole stability. This stability is crucial for safe and efficient drilling operations.

Can oil drilling starch be used in both onshore and offshore drilling projects?

Yes, oil drilling starch is suitable for both onshore and offshore drilling applications. Its versatility makes it a valuable additive for various drilling projects.

Is oil drilling starch environmentally friendly?

Yes, oil drilling starch is derived from natural sources, making it eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

How can I purchase oil drilling starch from AngelStarch?

To inquire about purchasing oil drilling starch from AngelStarch, you can contact their team through the provided email (marketing1@angelstarch.com) or phone number (+91 96296 11522).