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Modified Starches

Customising our Value Added Modified Starches

Our primary goal is to supply outstanding customized products according to the customer’s requirement and satisfaction. We are Customising our Value Added Modified Starches & Functional Food Ingredients for the Applications as Binders, Thickeners, Emulsifiers, Stabilisers, Gluten Free Food Ingredients, Products, Vegan Food Products, Plant Based Food Products, Alternative Meat Products, Meat Analogues, Texturing Agents, Low Glycaemic Food Products, Dietary Fibre Food Products, Probiotic- Prebiotic- Symbiotic Food Ingredients.

Also we customizing applications for Meat Processing Industries Like Sausage – Meat Balls- Hams- Burgers, Marinades & Spice Blends as – KFC Kind of Crispiness enhancers- Tempura Batters – Noodles Bouillon – Taste Makers, Different Kinds of Seasonings, KetchUps – Different Varieties of Sauces, Noodles, Pasta, Dairy Industry as Curd- Cheese Analogues- Yoghurt- Paneer- Milkshake Mixes, Confectionary Products like – Gummies, Chewing Gums, Chocolates, Cakes, Candies, Fat Replacers, Different Varieties Of Soups as per Customer’s Specific Requirements. Also We are Manufacturing Sweeteners like Liquid Glucose. Maltodextrins of Different DE like Low DE Maltodextrin, High DE Maltodextrin, Medium DE Maltodextrin, , High Maltose Corn Syrups, Dextrose Mono Hydrate, Dextrose AnHydrous.


Custom-made Solutions That Cater

Our products, systems, experts, and innovation services are built on advanced scientific knowledge and are aimed at equipping manufacturers with the tools to shape the future of the food and beverage industry. By refining formulas that strike the perfect balance between product features and benefits, we enhance consumer appeal and cater to their diverse needs, thereby boosting the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Maize Starch Manufacturers & Exporters in India

Systematic and Regular suppliers of all high tech and high quality corrugation powders for the manufacturing of high quality boards.

Pricol Packaging Ltd – Coimbatore

Our most valuable technical solution provider for more than one decade for our packaging Products.


Food grade starches at the best quality for more than a decade.

Milka Nutriments Pvt Ltd- Erode


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8 steps on how to find the right modified starch suppliers

8 steps on how to find the right modified starch suppliers

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