Plant Based Protien Powder

Our innovative solutions allow you to create meat and plant-based products that provide the protein consumers want while delivering the flavours and textures they crave

Consumers are increasingly seeking plant-based meat alternatives made from nutritious and sustainable proteins. However, formulating such products with convincing taste and texture can be a challenging task. That’s where Angel Starch comes in, providing deep knowledge and application expertise, as well as a broad range of plant-based proteins and texture solutions to accelerate your path to market with the products your customers crave.With access to our full range of resources, including dedicated pilot plants, we can help you take your idea from formulation to commercialization while addressing key challenges in texture, binding, nutrition, and more.

Plant Based Protien Powder Manufactures For meat appplications
Plant Based meat

Our food system solutions allow you to create a convincing meaty texture with just the right bite, while also improving nutrition with plant-based proteins, fiber, and micronutrients. We also ensure the highest quality, processing ease, and shelf life of your products. Additionally, our fruit and vegetable concentrates from Kerr by Angel can add color, flavor, and texture to your plant-based meat alternatives.

We understand the growing need for sustainable food options that we don’t compromise on taste. That’s why we have developed a range of plant-based alternatives that mimic the texture and flavor of traditional meat, while being better for your health and the planet.

Delicious Plant-Based Alternatives:

At Angel Starch, we offer an extensive selection of plant-based meat products that cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or simply looking to reduce your meat consumption, our diverse range has something for everyone.

Plant-Based Burgers:

Our plant-based burger patties are made using high-quality ingredients such as soy protein, wheat protein, and natural flavors. They sizzle on the grill and deliver a juicy and satisfying experience that rivals traditional beef burgers.

Plant-Based Sausages:

Indulge in the savory goodness of our plant-based sausages that feature a perfect blend of spices and seasonings. Crafted from non-GMO ingredients, these sausages offer a guilt-free option without compromising on taste or texture.

Plant-Based Nuggets:

Our plant-based nuggets are a hit with both kids and adults. Made from a blend of plant proteins and coated with a crispy breading, they provide a mouthwatering alternative to traditional chicken nuggets.

Plant-Based Ground Meat:

Our plant-based ground meat is versatile and can be used in various recipes calling for ground beef or pork. It’s an excellent choice for creating delicious tacos, chili, pasta sauces, and more.


What are plant-based protein powders used for?

Plant-based protein powders enhance meat alternatives’ taste, texture, and nutrition.

How can Angel Starch assist in product development?

Angel Starch provides expertise, resources, and a range of plant-based proteins for successful market entry.

What challenges do plant-based solutions address?

Texture, binding, nutrition, and more – we tackle key formulation challenges.

How do fruit and vegetable concentrates enhance products?

Kerr by Angel’s concentrates add color, flavor, and texture to alternatives.

Are Angel Starch's proteins eco-friendly?

Yes, our proteins are sourced sustainably for environmentally-conscious solutions.