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Succeed in confectionery with sweetness.

The evolving demands of today’s consumers are driving innovation in the confectionery industry, with a focus on reduced sugar, non-GMO, and added nutrition, all while maintaining great taste and texture.

Our innovative range of ingredients, such as polyols, sweeteners (both nutritive and non-nutritive), specialty starches, fibers, and hydrocolloids, are designed to help you create the perfect formulation. Plus, our team of experts can provide detailed analyses of shelf life changes under varying humidity and temperature conditions, ensuring your confectionery products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

We can assist you with the following challenges in creating confections that are delicious and in line with current trends:

Developing clear

and solution-stable films for chocolate coatings

Adding health benefits

such as digestive, bone, and immune health, to vitamins and supplements

Formulating sugar-free

and reduced-sugar confections with the desired texture

Enhancing production

and yield for gummy and chewy candies

Creating indulgent

and appealing textures for cream centers, frostings, and fruit fillings.

Our Products Features

Clear and Stable Coatings:

Develop crystal-clear and stable chocolate coatings with our specialised films, ensuring your creations look as enticing as they taste.

Health-Boosting Confections:

Incorporate health benefits, from digestion to immunity, vitamins to supplements, seamlessly into your confections, aligning with modern health-conscious trends.

Sugar-Free and Reduced-Sugar Magic:

Craft sugar-free and reduced-sugar confections that don’t compromise on texture, offering guilt-free indulgence to your customers.

Efficiency in Production:

Enhance production yields for gummy and chewy candies, optimising your processes for higher output and consistent quality.

Irresistible Textures:

Create sumptuous textures for cream centres, frostings, and fruit fillings, making your confections an irresistible delight.

Angel Confectionary Solutions

E1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate Maize Starch – StaThick MS

E1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate Tapioca Starch – StaThick TS

E1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate Cold Water Soluble Maize Starch – StaThick MS CWS

E1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate Cold Water Soluble Tapioca Starch – StaThick TS CWS

Clean Label Starch Cold Water Soluble Tapioca Starch (PreGel Starch) – CWS TS

Enzymatically Modified Starch Maltodextrin – Maltox

E 1401 Acid treated starch Maize Starch – Moulding starch MS

E 1401 Acid treated starch Tapioca Starch – Moulding starch TS

Enzymatically Modified Starch Lactose Substitute Not Fat Solid – LAS 1NF

E 1401 Acid Treated Maize Starch used as Emulsifier, Binder, and Texture improviser – Whitrin-F

Clean Label Functional Modified Starch – ClaTap Prima 300

Native Maize / Corn Starch

Native Tapioca Starch

High Maltose Corn Syrup for Sweetner

Hydrolysis Starch Liquid Glucose for Sweetner

Dextrose Monohydrate Powder for Sweetner

Reduce expenses without sacrificing attraction. 

Angel can offer assistance in partially replacing or supplementing expensive and hard-to-find ingredients in gummy-type candies. This allows you to achieve a softer and less chewy texture while still obtaining desired clarity, elasticity, and clean flavor at a lower cost. Additionally, our starch solutions can help to eliminate melting issues, enabling gummy candy products to have a longer shelf life.

Frequently Asked Question's

What types of confectionery products does we offer?

Angel Starch offers a range of starch-based ingredients, glucose syrups, and maltodextrins for confectionery products.

Are Angel Starch's confectionery ingredients suitable for different types of confectionery?

Yes, Angel Starch’s ingredients are suitable for hard candies, gummies, jellies, chocolates, and coatings.

Does Angel Starch provide technical support for confectionery product development?

Yes, Angel Starch provides comprehensive technical support for confectionery product development.

What confectionery solutions does Angel Starch offer?

Angel Starch specializes in confectionery solutions, providing ingredients that improve texture, stability, and mouthfeel in various confectionery products.

How can Angel Starch help create vegan and plant-based confectionery products?

Angel Starch offers solutions for creating vegan and plant-based confectionery products. Their range of vegan-friendly and plant-based ingredients allows manufacturers to produce confectionery items without animal-derived ingredients, meeting the growing demand for plant-based alternatives.