Starch for Fireworks

There are few varieties of starch which are used specially in the making of crackers. These firework grade starches increasing the burning time of the crackers and give it an explosive but safe character.

Our exceptional selection of starches has been meticulously crafted to elevate your fireworks' performance, creating a symphony of explosive effects while ensuring safety at every step.

Yeltrin - Igniting Creativity with Adhesive Excellence

Discover the magic of Yeltrin, a standout variety of yellow dextrin. Its remarkable adhesive properties and explosive character make it a cornerstone in the manufacturing of crackers. When you choose Yeltrin from AngelStarch, you're choosing excellence that sticks.

Whitrin (White Dextrin) - Crafting Dazzling Moments in the Night Sky

Introducing Whitrin, the dazzling secret behind mesmerizing sparklers and fireworks. As a pyrotechnic binder and fuel, our high-grade White Dextrin empowers your creations to solidify as radiant pellets or "stars." Experience the brilliance as Whitrin-enhanced sparklers illuminate the sky, leaving a trail of shining stars in their wake.


What are firework grade starches and how do they enhance crackers?

Firework grade starches are specialized variants used in the production of crackers. These starches are designed to increase the burning time of crackers while ensuring both explosiveness and safety in their performance.

Why is Yeltrin a crucial component in cracker manufacturing?

Yeltrin, a yellow dextrin variant, boasts exceptional adhesive properties and explosive characteristics. It plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing of crackers, contributing to their overall performance and quality.

How does Whitrin (White Dextrin) contribute to sparklers and fireworks?

Whitrin, or White Dextrin, serves as both a pyrotechnic binder and fuel. When added to fireworks and sparklers, it allows them to solidify into radiant pellets or “stars.” The high-grade White Dextrin enhances the strength and burning time of sparklers, resulting in dazzling displays.

What benefits does using AngelStarch's Starch for Fireworks offer?

By choosing AngelStarch’s Starch for Fireworks, you’re tapping into a world of innovation and artistry. Our specialised starch solutions not only extend the burning time of crackers but also ensure a safe and mesmerising pyrotechnic display that leaves a lasting impact.