Thin Boiled Starch

Thin boiled starch plays an important role in protecting the yarn. It acts as a coating and penetrating agent. Its role is pivotal in safeguarding yarn while enhancing its weaving properties. The unique attributes of thin boiled starch enable it to effectively bind yarn fibres, contributing to improved uniformity and strength.Thin boiled starch stands as a cornerstone in modern textile production, boosting yarn protection and weaving performance.


The ThinTexo R we export is a low viscosity starch for warp yarn sizing. It ensures uniform binding and better binding. It acts as a coating and penetrating agent. This has the property of easy De-sizing.


This is an eco-friendly low viscosity modified starch suitable for cotton, viscose, acrylic and blends with polyester and other warp yarn sizing. ThinTexo R B thin boiled starch we supply possess excellent penetrating and film forming property.


The ThinTexo R LV has an ultra-low viscosity which is more suitable for finer yarn counts and higher ends. This has the properties of excellent penetrating power and easy de- sizing. ThinTexo R LV starch we export ensures no lump formation.


What is thin boiling corn starch?

Thin boiling corn starch is a specialised type of starch derived from corn that is processed to have low viscosity and specific properties. It is commonly used in the textile industry for yarn sizing, acting as a coating and penetrating agent to enhance the weaving properties of the yarn.

How is thin boiling starch manufactured?

The manufacturing process of thin boiling starch involves steps such as extraction, purification, modification, cooking, cooling, drying, and quality control. Starch is extracted from sources like corn, purified, modified to achieve desired properties, cooked under controlled conditions, cooled, and dried to form a powder or granules suitable for textile applications.

Who is the manufacturer of thin boiling starch in India?

The manufacturer of thin boiling starch in India is Angel Starch. They offer a product line called ThinTexo which includes different variants of thin boiling starch suitable for warp yarn sizing.