Modified Starch Ingredients For Snacks

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Starch Ingedients Maufacturers for Snacks Applications


Create snack products with the perfect texture that sets them apart from the competition


Ensure your snack products are non-GMO and free from allergens or gluten


Cut costs without sacrificing taste and texture by reducing or replacing expensive ingredients


Explore new opportunities to increase profit margins


Develop snack products with authentic flavor and vibrant color to delight consumers.

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Explore innovative ways to expand your business in chips, crisps, and crackers
Develop new techniques to accelerate growth in extruded snacks and pellets
Discover novel approaches to advance your baked snacks business

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The Snacking Solutions from Angel

Texture enhance, Leavening Agent and Mouth Feel Enhancer – PadMaa

Starch base Additive for Improve Shining and Crispness – Extruded Snacks, Fryums, 3D Pellets, Etc. – FryShine

Physically Modified Starch Product for Extruded and Oil Fried Products – ExtruPlus

Clean Label Starch Ingredient with Spices, Seasoning with Umami Flavour (No MSG) and Best Mouthfeel – Spice In