FibreSoftTM 12- Synthetic Softener


Semi solid type synthetic softener designed for use in Cotton, Rayon, Modal, Polyester and Blends of Polyester /Cotton/Viscose Spun yarns. It improves the smoothness and flexibility of fabric yarns by applying in cooker. It improves the weaving performance by increasing the abrasion resistance. It also withstand the effects of hard water.


It is compatible with the size formula additives such as native starches, modified starches, poly vinyl alcohol, acrylic and acrylate binders, tallow, wax, antistatic, lubricants and penetrating agents.

Appearance Off white color heavy paste
Solubility Soluble in cold water
pH value(1%solution) 9-11
Solid content (%) 50% ± 2%
  • Excellent coating and lubricating property reduce mechanical friction between yarns while sizing & weaving. It reduce warp breakage.
  • Act as lubricant & plasticizing agent.
  • It is applicable to all types of fiber.
  • Easily soluble in cold water.
  • Excellent penetrating agent.
  • Good emulsifier.
  • Reduces size dropping.
  • Improves smoothness of the film.
Softness and Lubricity:


  • It eliminates the stickiness : yarn to yarn, yarn to drying cylinder.
  • It increase the friction resistance and abrasion resistance.
  • It makes the film soft.
De Foaming Nature:


  • It eliminates uneven size intake.
  • It prevent the size marks in the cloth.
  • It prevent the stickiness of size mix on drying cylinder.
  • It helps for proper penetration of size mix to the yarn.

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in cool, dry and well ventilated place.


Stable for six months from the date of manufacture.


Available in 100 kgs HDPP carboy.