Achieve the ideal cheese experience with the help of Angel's expertise.

Angel’s dairy experts offer a wide range of services to help improve the quality and properties of cheese products. Whether you need better shredding, melting, stretchability, or flexibility in cheese slices, we can assist you in achieving these goals. Our team can also help reduce caseinates in cheese and enhance creaminess in cheese sauces.

With our expertise, 

  • You can speed up your product development and bring your cheese products to the market faster. 
  • We can also assist you in creating plant-based cheeses that offer great taste and texture.
Our plant-sourced texturizing ingredients provide superior properties for more authentic and cost-efficient imitation cheese.

We offer starch solutions specifically designed for shredded cheese to enhance the shredding process and improve the overall cheese experience.

StaThick MS

Modified Starch E1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate Maize Starch from Angel

StaThick MS CWS

Modified Starch E1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate Cold Water Soluble Maize Starch

Maltox TS

Enzymatically Modified Starch Maltodextrin Tapioca Starch from Angel


Clean Label Modified Starch Lactose Substitute Not Fat Solid for Paneer


Enzymatically Modified Starch Lactose Substitute Not Fat Solid

Discover how our expertise can speed up the expansion of your product portfolio.

We have pilot plant facilities available to conduct quick studies, trials, and formula optimization, and Our analytical and sensory evaluations can help validate your results. Additionally, our potato starch can help you achieve the same look, taste, and mouth feel as rennet casein and caseinates but at a much lower cost.