Develop distinctive, healthier frozen desserts with our assistance.

Although there is a current trend towards reducing sugar and managing weight, the desire for indulgence has always been a significant factor in the ice cream and frozen dessert market. As a result, dairy manufacturers are now creating new recipes, flavors, textures, and features that offer a balance between indulgence and healthier options.
Collaborate with us to meet consumer demands for

Address clean label

trends by using our solutions for simpler and cleaner product labels

Take control of

crystal formation and create innovative, on-trend textures.

Reduce Sugar Content

and calorie content in ice cream and frozen desserts.

Optimize melt time

to ensure a perfect product every time

Enhance texture

and mouthfeel to create a more enjoyable eating experience

Attain a smooth and rich texture with stabilizing agents.

Discover how to achieve the creamy texture and mouthfeel that ice cream lovers expect, while maintaining the desired flavor for both full-fat and low-fat options. Angel’s range of solutions for ice cream and frozen desserts includes starches, fibers, and gums.

Enhance you Icecreams with our Innovations

FroSin MS

Modified Starch E1420 Acetylated Starch Maize Starch

FroSin TS

Modified Starch E1420 Acetylated Starch Tapioca Starch


Modified Starch E1420 Acetylated Starch Cold Water Soluble Tapioca Starch

Maltox TS

Enzymatically Modified Starch Maltodextrin Tapioca Starch


Enzymatically Modified Starch Lactose Substitue Not Fat Solid

Tapioca Starch 9M

Native Starch Tapioca Starch Quick Thickener

Potato starch

Native Potato starch

Corn Flour

Native Starch Corn Flour

High Maltose Corn syrup

High Maltose Corn Syrup for Sweetner

Liquid Glucose

Hydrolysis Starch Liquid Glucose for Sweetner

Dextrose Monohydrate

Dextrose Monohydrate Powder for Sweetner

Maximize cost-effectiveness by using solids replacement

If you’re looking to optimize your formula’s cost and considering replacing some non-fat milk solids, MALTOX® maltodextrin can be a great option. It not only improves the overall product texture but also provides a slow meltdown. 

Simple labeling with
reduced sugars

To develop a new low-calorie ice cream or reformulate an existing one, compromising on texture, stability or a cleaner label is not an option. Luckily, Angel offers a single ingredient solution that can replace other sweeteners used in non-sugar-added ice creams.