TexPVA TMS- PVA Replacement For Textile Yarn Sizing

Innovative speciality poly vinyl alcohol replacement for textile warp yarn sizing agent for cotton, polyester, rayon, modal and polyester and blends. The excellent adhesion property in combination with starch and modified starches gives high film strength. Strong flexible film with optimum elongation improves weaving performance.
Reduced dropping level in sizing and weaving it provide more comfortable working conditions and reduce maintenance cost. More suitable product for Sulzer and Airjet looms with low size add on.

  • Stable size mix viscosity
  • Improve abrasion resistance
  • Better weave ability
  • Cost effective
  • Low volatile maters
  • Low size add on
  • Low dropping level
  • Optimum coating and perfect penetration
  • Strong, Thin , Flexible film formation
  • Easy de sizeable product
Description Off white crystals
pH value( 2 % solution) 5 to 7
Viscosity of 4% solution – (Brookfield viscometer LVDVII+pro) 5 to 50 cPs
Moisture content Max 5%

Combined use of TexPVATM-S with modified starches improves, yarn flexibility and adhesion property of size mix. It improves abrasion resistance of yarn while high speed weaving. For most desirable weaving, warp yarn needs optimum penetration and coating. TexPVATM-S provides strong, thin, flexible film and also stabilizes the size mix viscosity. The film properties reduce hairiness and also reduce dropping level in weaving.
Reduce size drop level during sizing and weaving becomes better working environments and less cleaning work. It has better weavability in comparison with textile grade PVA like GH-17 R / JP-20 / PVA 613 T etc.,

Easyleasing :

Good leasing level requires protect the adjacent warp ends without damaging the size function. The important property of the sizing material to coat the yarn surface well enough to slick down the fibers protruding from the yarn backbone. The greater number of hairiness directly affects the weaving efficiency. Therefore, it is expected that sized yarns with less hairiness would weave better on the loom. Optimum usage of this adhesion power of this product enhances easy leasing depending on size mix recipe.

Weavability :

TexPVATM-S improves the weave ability of yarns by providing an excellent protective coating. The abrasion resistance of sized yarn with this product gives better weavability:

  • Less hairy yarn
  • Provides better yarn strong
  • Lower loom stop levels
  • Lower add-on
Desizing :

Easy de-sizable product can be removing by alkali treatment or enzymatic treatment.


Keep away from direct sunlight and store in cool, dry and well ventilated place.

Stability :

Stable for one year from the date of manufacture.


25Kgs net weight paper bags with moisture proof line inside.