Plant Based Meat

Our innovative solutions allow you to create meat and plant-based products that provide the protein consumers want while delivering the flavors and textures they crave

Consumers are increasingly seeking plant-based meat alternatives made from nutritious and sustainable proteins. However, formulating such products with convincing taste and texture can be a challenging task. That’s where Angel Starch comes in, providing deep knowledge and application expertise, as well as a broad range of plant-based proteins and texture solutions to accelerate your path to market with the products your customers crave.With access to our full range of resources, including dedicated pilot plants, we can help you take your idea from formulation to commercialization while addressing key challenges in texture, binding, nutrition, and more.

Our food system solutions allow you to create a convincing meaty texture with just the right bite, while also improving nutrition with plant-based proteins, fiber, and micronutrients. We also ensure the highest quality, processing ease, and shelf life of your products. Additionally, our fruit and vegetable concentrates from Kerr by Angel can add color, flavor, and texture to your plant-based meat alternatives.