Plant Based Proteins

Navigating the world of plant-based options

Protein is a key concern for consumers looking to gain health benefits from the food and drinks they consume. Proteins not only provide nutrition but also help in achieving satiety and body to various applications like dressings and snack bars.

As the demand for plant-based protein continues to grow in the food and beverage industry, it’s essential to meet the formulation standards and cater to consumer demands quickly. Angel offers cost-effective plant-based solutions that have been tested for quality, and our expertise can help you support “vegan” and “gluten-free” label claims that consumers prefer. By working with us, you can create on-trend and clean-label products that meet the demands of consumers while also maintaining profits.

Pulses, The Protein – Future way

Pulses, as a plant-based protein source, are becoming increasingly popular due to their nutritional benefits, non-GMO status, low allergenicity, and potential for clean labeling. Angel has made significant investments in advanced operations and supply chain technology to ensure safe and sustainable sourcing and processing of pulse flours and proteins. This guarantees consistent quality and reliable performance, making it easier for manufacturers to develop products with superior taste, texture, and appearance that align with consumer preferences.