Maximize the potential of your meat products.

By collaborating with Angel R& D™ centers, you can overcome the challenges of creating meat products that consumers will love without compromising on functional, performance, and labeling benefits. Our meat experts can help you replace fat, increase yield, simplify your label, enhance texture, manage moisture, and improve cold temperature stability and shelf life in your processed meat, poultry, fish, and alternative meat products. We offer a diverse range of solutions, including starches, pulse proteins and flours, and hydrocolloid-based ingredients, to provide tender, juicy, and delicious meat and alternative meat products.

We help you in improving
Improve yield and manage moisture in meat products
Simplify label by removing phosphates
Create satisfying eating experience and texture

Enhance nutritional value by replacing fat in meat products
Increase yields in injection/tumbled marinades

Our specialized starches are designed to enhance the juiciness of your meat products without affecting their flavor profile, resulting in increased yields and cost savings for you. Our starches also provide better storage stability and can withstand multiple freeze/thaw cycles while maintaining the desired texture. Additionally, we offer solutions that help you create cleaner and simpler labels for your products without compromising their quality or profitability.

Enhance you product potential with Angel Solution

Clean Label Starch for Binding, Texturising, Water Holding and Best Mouthfeel – TasteIn