Maize/Corn Starch

Maize/Corn starch is used as a thickening agent in liquid-based foods usually by mixing it with a lower-temperature liquid to form a paste or slurry. It is sometimes preferred over flour alone because it forms a translucent, rather than opaque mixture.

As a Coating medium and Thickener, Maize/Corn starch males the best choice for making crispy coatings on fried food. Corn starch can also be used as a thickener in sauces, puddings, gravies, fruit pies, soups. It can form a smooth paste within a short interval of time.

In Beverage Industry, Maize/Corn starch is used in the beverage industry as they can be dispersed with much ease in the hydrophilic Medias. The starch can also be used in energy drinks as it contains an ample amount of carbohydrate and thus it is known to be among the energy producing food.

In Baking and Confectionery, Maize/Corn starch is used in confectionery for different purposes such as gelling, thickening, texture stabilizing. It provides a crispy crust. It is also used as flour adjuster and viscosity reducer in biscuits and cakes. It is also used in salad dressings, pastries, and other sweet foods of which it shapes a fundamental ingredient.

In Ice cream Industry, Maize/Corn starch provides strength to ice cream cones and a high quality to ice creams.