Instant Mixed Vegetable Soup Mix

Homogeneous product for preparing Mixed Vegetable Soup. For tastier, smoother, thicker and yummy Mixed vegetable soup.100% Natural and 100% vegetarian product. No preservative and No Mono sodium Glutamate.

01 APPEARANCE Off white colour fiine powder
02 Cold water solublity Min. 80% Soluble in cold water
03 pH of 10% (aqu.Soln) 5.5-7
04 VISCOSITY OF 10% SOLUTION In Brookfield Viscometer [Model :LVDV II+ PRO] ( Spindle No :3 , RPM 100 , Temp 800C) 450- 700 cPs
05 Moisture Content (w/w) Max 8%
06 Ash Content, (w/w) Max 18%
07 Particle Size (60 Mesh) Max. 75% Passes
08 Bulk Density (gm/ml) 0.6- 0.75
  • Take 1 Tablespoon (Approx.12 g) of Instant Mixed Vegetable Soup Mix in a vessel and add 1 cup (150 ml) of boiling water
  • Add water slowly and stir well without lump formation
  • Yummy and tasty Mixed Vegetable Soup is ready

Exhibits excellent stability when stored under cool and dry ventilated place . Avoid direct sun light.


Available in 25Kgs net weight paper bags with moisture proof line inside.