EcoTexTM SL60

Powder type unique one shot product which needs no extra native starch, modified starch, binder, softener, lubricant to be added further. It is mainly used for Shuttle less loom woven warp yarns count above 60s to 100’s compact cotton. Absence of Formaldehyde resin ,will be useful for sizing of yarns for exports. This product is entirely biodegradable and ecological.

Blend of re-polymerized and grafted polymers with synthetic fatty matters. It contains maximum 13% moisture and optimized viscosity level. Easily disperse in cold water with little swelling property due to high binding property. Having high penetration power and plasticizing power for heavy construction fabrics weaving. This product contains very low percentage of ash content and also it's eco friendly product.

Special Features :
  • Being one shot product technical man power can be utilized for high tech jobs and any skilled labor can prepare the mixing and thus reduce the time of the valuable technical skills.
  • It is mainly used for Shuttle less loom woven warp yarns count 60s to 100’s.
  • It gives very consistent viscosity of size mix and concentration from beginning to the end of the sizing process and assures uniform size pickup.
  • Better binding strength will arrest hairiness which will avoid droppings and no powder on looms or over the sizing machine which will increase the weaving efficiency.
  • No size mark or size patches while at sizing machine stop, reducing second quality fabrics percentage to 0.075 % in 100 meters.
  • Manual error, while using various sizing products can be totally eliminated.
  • It ensures easy leasing.
  • This product is entirely biodegradable and ecological.
Economical Advantages:
  • Over a 50% reduction in storage space, inventory problem of more number of products and transportation economy.
  • Easy dissolution makes time saving while cooking and gives great steam economy as 130 ºC temperature is enough.
  • It can be used in all kinds of sizing machines like BENNINGER, SUKKER-MULLER, KARL MAYER , AMBIKA, JUPITER, HI TECH etc.,
  • Fabric processing cost will be reduced as there is no FORMALDEHYDE.




01 pH, 2 % solution ,w/v 6-8
02 Moisture content, % w/w Max 13
03 Ash Content % (DB) Max 1

Single Shot Textile Sizing Product used in Shuttleless looms for Compact & Combed warp yarns count up to 100’s. No additional sizing ingredients like native starch, modified starch, binder, softener & lubricant required.


Just add required quantity of EcoTexTM-SL60 to water and cook @ 130ºC for 25 to 30 minutes. Then retain in cooker for 15 to 30 minutes. The size mix is ready to use.


Keep away from direct sunlight and store in cool, dry and well ventilated place.


Stable for one year from the date of manufacture.


Available in 25Kgs net weight PP bags with moisture proof liner inside.