Plant Based Dairy Alternatives

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Creating plant-based dairy products that match the texture and taste of traditional dairy can be a challenging task. At Angel’s Plant-Based Dairy Center, located at the R&D center of Angel Labs in Erode, India. our team of experts in plant-based proteins can assist you in overcoming these obstacles. We provide a comprehensive solution, offering consumer insights, formulation and processing expertise, sensory evaluations, and access to pilot plant resources, all geared towards helping you create plant-based yogurts, milks, and cheeses that are appealing to your consumers.

Our Solution will help in
Attain authentic dairy-like texture, taste, and functionality in your plant-based products.
Meet the protein, calcium, and other essential nutritional requirements that consumers look for in food products.
Differentiate yourself from competitors with non-GMO and organic claims, as well as sustainable sourcing practices.
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