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Starch is a crucial ingredient in the production of noodles and pasta, as it enhances their stretchability and prevents them from sticking together when boiled. Our high-quality starch is essential to achieving the perfect texture and consistency of firm yet elastic noodles, pasta, and vermicelli.

With its superior properties, our starch not only improves the digestibility of these popular food products, but also plays a vital role in their overall quality and appeal. From ensuring smooth production processes to delivering consistent results, our starch is the go-to solution for manufacturers looking to elevate their noodle and pasta offerings.

Trust our industry-leading starch to help you create noodles and pasta that meet and exceed consumer expectations for texture, taste, and nutrition. With our starch, you can achieve the perfect balance of firmness and elasticity, and deliver outstanding products that stand out in the market.

Angel’s Revolutionary Pasta Solutions

Modified Starch Maintain Viscose (Yield Improver) – YMV