Conquer the obstacles related to traditional and plant-based dairy products.

Consumers today are looking for dairy and plant-based dairy products that are made with clean label ingredients, reduced sugar options and more. However, creating these products can be challenging.

At Angel, we provide rich consumer insights and technical expertise to help you overcome these challenges and create the dairy and plant-based products that your consumers truly want.

With our innovative ingredients you can
Add appeal to your products
Achieve the perfect textures and tastes for your plant-based dairy alternatives
Reduce sugar without compromising taste

Stabilize and perfect the mouthfeel of your flavored milks.
Discover how our expertise can speed up
the expansion of your product portfolio.

Leverage Angel’s expertise to innovate in various cheese-related applications such as cheese slices, pizza cheese, and plant-based cheeses…

Yogurt and cultured products

Angel can help you develop yogurt products that meet consumer demands for desirable textures, clean labels, and improved nutrition.

Ice cream and frozen desserts

Leverage Angel’s expertise to develop frozen treats and ice creams that are both indulgent and better-for-you.